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November 18 2017

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“The Final Level Boss”

From Disney’s Wreck-it Ralph Official Movie Magazine published by Otter Press Magazines

Written by Alessandro Ferrari
Illustrated by Gianluca Maconi
Coloured by Maria Claudia di Genova

November 17 2017





Essential components of any fantasy rolepaying group:

  • The player who brings exactly the same swishy elf character to every table; 50% chance of wizard, 50% chance of bard, 100% chance of banging a dragon before the campaign is done.
  • The player who favours dwarves because they’re uncomfortable with speaking in character and dwarves aren’t expected to have personalities.
  • The player who thinks they’re cleverly subverting expectations by playing their halfling as a bloodthirsty, sexually promiscuous drug fiend, unaware that - thanks to players like them - literally 80% of all halfling player characters are like that.
  • The player who designs their character purely for novelty value - like, this time they’re a giant telepathic praying mantis, or whatever - yet inexplicably manages to have the deepest character arc out of anyone.
  • The player whose character’s stats honestly don’t matter because their real contribution to the party is being the only adult in the room.
  • The perennial orc player who you’re pretty sure is using the game as a group therapy session to work through some sort of identity issue.
  • The player whose rogue’s complicated backstory and sinister secret agenda never actually end up being relevant in play because they also kept it a secret from the GM.
  • The player with a penchant for Lawful Goodish warrior types who thinks they’re the adult in the room, but really they just have a talent for making irresponsibly dangerous plans sound reasonable - even to themselves.
  • The player who insists on taking the most complicated race/class combo the GM will allow, then later discovers that the reason they can’t hit for shit is because they’re been rolling their attacks on a d12 all night.
  • The player who rolls druids because they are a straight up furry.

Always share your rogue’s secret agenda with the DM. @we-are-rogue

Always! Bonus points if you guilt-trip them to a quid pro quo and make them share their secret agenda with you. :p

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November 15 2017

But the 8-hour workday is too profitable for big business, not because of the amount of work people get done in eight hours (the average office worker gets less than three hours of actual work done in 8 hours) but because it makes for such a purchase-happy public. Keeping free time scarce means people pay a lot more for convenience, gratification, and any other relief they can buy. It keeps them watching television, and its commercials. It keeps them unambitious outside of work.

We’ve been led into a culture that has been engineered to leave us tired, hungry for indulgence, willing to pay a lot for convenience and entertainment, and most importantly, vaguely dissatisfied with our lives so that we continue wanting things we don’t have. We buy so much because it always seems like something is still missing.

Your Lifestyle Has Already Been Designed  (via becoming-vverevvolf)

The #Nov4 That Never Was





(Alex Jones’ fevered mind: the internet version).

2017 has been a strange year for antifa.  Up until this  year, people opposed to fascists, white supremacists, and other bigoted extremists have been left to do their important work in relative obscurity, doing what needs to be done to make their communities safe by confronting and opposing white supremacist losers.  That, of course, all changed when the U.S. elected a president that ticks off more than a few boxes on the list of fascist characteristics.  


Suddenly, racism and bigotry - even it its most extreme forms - has now become more acceptable in the U.S. and, to a lesser extent, around the world.  The U.S. election opened the floodgates for bigots of all kinds to crawl out from under their rocks and publicly declare their xenophobia, homophobia, transphobia, Islamophobia, etc. as it if was something to be proud of.

Very quickly, it became apparent who was best-positioned to challenge this and fight back.  And it wasn’t mainstream liberals.  Antifa’s numbers and support boomed overnight as we demonstrated on the streets time and time again that our strategies and tactics are what works at stopping white supremacist organizers dead in their tracks - putting ourselves on the line to protect our communities and shut down the fash.


(Dr. Cornel West on what happened when he joined a group of liberals who were confronted by fascists in Charlottesville.  Read more about that incident here). 

Fascists & their supporters recognize this, too.  Which is why antifascists around the world have faced unprecedented levels of harassment, doxxing, abuse, and violence this year.  The stabbing of three anti-fascists in Portland by a white supremacist “free speech activist,” leaving two dead; the murder of Heather Heyer and attempted murder of 19 others in a white supremacist terror attack in Charlottesville being just two of the most recent examples.  

Fascists and their collaborators have gone to incredible lengths in their attempts to smear and slander their anti-fascist opponents.  It’s now standard practice for them to straight-up lie to their followers whenever a white man commits a violent atrocity in America by claiming the attacker was “antifa.”  Rather than questioning the outright falsehoods they’re being fed, the bigots try to out-do each other in coming up with ever-more implausible falsehoods to defame antifa.

This all culminated in the #Nov4 hoax perpetuated by the alt right & their cronies.  As documented by this article published in a credible news source, a call-out for a protest against Trump/Pence from a relatively-marginal Maoist front group was picked up by white supremacists, who then started making incredulous claims about this planned protest being part of a nefarious conspiracy by a nonexistent antifa “organization,” to launch a civil war.  

If you thought that people who had been lied to about pizzagate and Jade Helm and FEMA death camps would, by now, realize that they were being lied to and perhaps stop listening to those liars or questioning their motives (e.g. amassing a fortune by selling toxic, lead-tainted “nutritional supplements” to their paranoid, duped followers), then you would have sadly overestimated the willingness of some to be made fools of again and again and again.  Instead, the alt right audience seemed to try to out-do each other in coming up with increasingly implausible scenarios based on zero evidence:


Here’s what didn’t happen on #Nov4: anything that the racist right wing claimed was going to happen.  There was no revolution; antifa didn’t attack anybody; white parents were not dragged into town squares and beheaded. 

What also didn’t happen: none of the white supremacist trolls admitted that they were lying or wrong about #Nov4.  Instead, they claimed that their side “won,” which one of our followers commented as akin to “when a kid you don’t even like challenges you to a race and you tell him “nah, I’m drinkin juice.” So he runs across the playground and declares himself the winner while you ignore him. Then he screams about it for the rest of recess trying to get you to pay attention to him b/c hes mad that you’re not mad.” 

But here’s what did happen that weekend: 


The Islamophobes of Britain First attempted to hold a rally in London and were woefully outnumbered by antifa opposition.


Neo-nazis scheduled a rally in Toronto, then failed to turn up to their own rally when 100+ antifascists showed up to make it clear they weren’t welcome and wound up having their own antifa party instead.


Glasgow’s Red Front Republic showed up to confront a neo-nazi rally on George Square, causing *both* neo-nazis to leg it (do two people = a “rally,” though)?

And yes, even the people at Refuse Fascism - the ones who called for protests against Trump on November 4th - held events in multiple cities in the U.S. without incident, as they had intended.  

Bottom line: #Nov4 taught us that the bigots & their collaborators are going to continue to lie to their followers about us and do whatever they can think of to libel antifa, in the hopes of creating their own Reichstag Fire moment.  This = proof that they recognize us as their fiercest opposition and their biggest obstacle to their “ethno-states,” genocide, etc.  Far better that we’re the ones targeted by inhuman, racist swine than they go after their traditional targets - ethnic and religious minorities, racialized people, migrants, people with disabilities, LGBTQ+ people, etc. (although, of course, people from all those categories are well-represented within antifa itself).  

We’re ready for them.  We can handle their shit and pay it back in spades, just as we have for the last 90+ years .  And on the weekend that they vowed to stop a violent “antifa” uprising they dreamed up in their own twisted minds and fed to each other, we were the ones on the streets, doing what we also do - exposing, opposing, and confronting the forces of hatred.

You should support antifa whether you’re a liberal/mainstream/centrist or not. Why? Because antifascism works.

That Facebook post looks like the kind of thing someone in the midst of a delusion would say.

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He was an activist who inspired millions to fight for their rights. He knew what was wrong with our country and risked his life to help his people achieve equality.  In the society where black were treated like animal he did everything possible to change this. His brave soul, his will and courage changed the history of America , changed the people. He made us believe we can win this war. He payed for it with his life. He will always be remembered.

Respecting his memory also means acknowledging that his fight is far from over, black people are facing the same issues that ha birth to the Black Panthers, and that the FBI is basically trying to launch COINTELPRO 2.0 against BLM and other black activists. Hampton should be more than a history lesson, he should be a rallying point.

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Trying to get better with my lighting, but it’s still not quite perfect yet
Anyway, hope you still enjoy night in the woods fanarts…. :|

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if you click to open this thread you die in real life

predicted answer: “have sex with me”

I read this thread and it’s surprisingly wholesome. Lots of guys either wanting to be the little spoon, making jokes about blanket hogging, or wanting their girlfriends to say what they like so that they can pleasure them more.

Tbh I’m starting to think most of tumblr seriously lack any serious interaction with men, and not only sexual but to a platonic/friendship level.

I don’t mean to attack anyone but how come all this people decided men would think something pervert and rapey? How come people who actually checked were so surprised that men wanted something humanly acceptable and maybe even *gasps* cute?

I am serious in this question: did you ever had male friends? Because this thread to me was the LEAST surprising thing on earth.

In HS, having been a butch lesbian and having had a ton of male friends, the typical sex questions were “hey, can you tell me how to mae her feel good?” or “hey, how do I tell if she likes it?” or “do I sound clingy/pathetic if I want cuddles after?”. Boyfriends worry about their girlfriends pleasure, their happiness and what they think of sex. They do. And when they don’t do much to pleasure them, most of the time is because they are inexperienced. Women do have a problem with communicating their desire, nobody denies that it’s also society’s fault but if you don’t ask stuff you can’t get surprised you don’t get it and out there it’s full of men wanting to do things with respect and to make their girlfriends happy. 

Boys are WHOLESOME. As girls are. People are wholesome and nice and vulnerable and in strive for good things for them and others.

And even those who made sexual comments like “blowjobs” or “more boob stuff”…. why is it bad? It’s a NSFW thread???? It’s the space to talk about that. Would you have the same reaction if in their matching thread women said they want their boyfriends to go down on them more? Or if they said they’d like him to touch them in different zones? Would you have complained if women said it of their girlfriends? Then why shaming boys?

Having needs both sexual and emotional is natural, the important is not force them on people who don’t feel like that and these men didn’t (which is why the thread exists in first place).

Men have emotional needs too and pretending they don’t and buying into the “all men think about is sex” and “ah men are all rapey and dirty” is sexism, not only towards men but because it implies that women are purer than them which leads to the HolyMary kinda misoginy that denies women their need to physical pleasure.

Also let’s stop pretending sex is inherently dirty and bad. Sex is fun, as long as it’s consensual.

But yeah I agree with op, I did die opening it, OUT OF THE CUTENESS THAT SPILLED FROM IT.

Ok yeah that was cute

Aw I want this.

posts with bad vibes being turned into more comfy things like this are why i still browse this site

Someone actually fixed this shitty post and made it good.

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A fetid sacrifice for my dearest satanic swine CHERVONI TORO!

November 14 2017

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Heeeeey everyone~! It’s been a while since I posted something. This is an art trade with an awesome artist @promsien

Sigh, I wish Ganondorf’s human form was in the Legend of Zelda, BOTW. What could have been~ TwT Oh well…One can dream, or draw, or write….

November 13 2017













thank god for teen vogue, these are the things teens really need to be learning about.

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She out here calmly collecting their asses one by one with ease.

Yess bitch


I LIVE for racist being exposed

she not playing no games fam

DYING 😂😂😂😂

she should get a Nobel Peace Prize for this

Everybody brave online until shit gets real


Capitalism is literally ruining video games right before our very eyes in slow motion, with microtransactions and pay-to-win models, and yet gamers somehow still complain about women, poc, and lgbt+ people ruining games. This is like a microcosm of how capitalism divides the working class, except it is so obvious and brain-dead.

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Australia: We’ve made a film staring Indigenous women!

UK/USA: You’ve fucked up a perfectly good story about a white man is what you’ve done. Look at it. It’s got representation.

I’m dead. 😂

This study of fascist men shows their terrifying fascination with sex, death, and authority




Misogyny is integral to fascism.

When Erich Muhsam wrote about the counter revolution that crushed the Bavarian Council Republic in 1918, he said that a common belief among the right wing soldiers was that communists planned to “nationalize the women”, and this was a major source of their anger.

Male Fantasies PDF

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when you make anti-communist propaganda that makes communists look badass



I think about how that “alpha beta” shit is based on a flawed study of captive wolves and like how much of “human nature” is based on living under capitalism

emma goldman actually points this out in her essay “Anarchism: What it Really Stands for.” since capitalism is captivity, and the nature of animals cannot be accurately discerned in captivity, the nature of humans cant be discerned under capitalism.




remember that youtube channel where that guy smile and stays in one place for like 4 hours a day or a week or whatever and in one of the videos some dude broke in and barely opened his door and said “hello?”, saw the dude sitting there not moving, and left immediately

skip to 2 hours and 36 min in

what the unlimited fuck

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